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 [Chief designer]
Graduated from the school:Changsha university of science and technology design level:Chief designer experience:10Years200...
 [Design director]
Graduated from the school:Central south forestry university of science and technology, the design level:Director of design experience:8In good wind...
Chen Bei  
Graduated from the school:Wuhan university of science and design level:VIPDesigner experience:7In good wind...
Wu Sikai  
Graduated from the school:Central south forestry university of science and technology, the design level:VIPDesigner experience:8Good at...
 [Senior designer]
Graduated from the school:Hunan institute of chemical industry design level:Senior designer experience:6In good style...
Peng Ziqi  

New hualian cercis chinensis garden7Building04Door model completed imaging of Europe type style...   Taipei city map and to the community01Door model the design scheme of parsing  
Flag marina district map and in the park03Door model the design solution...   Map and jade porcelain couple scene area03Door model the design scheme of parsing  
New hualian Jiang Wan mansionE1(01)Door model the design solution...   Liling azure international3/4BuildingA1Door model the design scheme of parsing  
And the new capital(The oranges798)ABuilding07Door model the American wind...   Star hamming built15Building04Door model the American style completed imaging...  
Silver palace garden always complete new live action   And the new capitalBBuilding2101Japanese style site inspection report  

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82?The Nordic mix the wind home,Was born...  
Setting wall decorate a way,It has lived his entire life...  
Even the ark tatami design,Versatile and practical!  
The window of your home can also be so in the future...  
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New home that does it Make you get twice the result with half the effort  
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What to do with money plant leaves became brown What is the reason...  
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