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ABOUT US Shantou electronic co., LTD., is Taiwan's first ning ning first group a collection of piezoelectric ceramic powder、Chip and transducer design as one of professional manufacturers。
The company mainly produces based on piezoelectric ceramic materials for high quality power type、Sensor type piezoelectric chip、Monolithic piezoelectric transformer、Monolithic type precision piezoelectric actuator、Ultrasonic transducer、Piezoelectric related audio component and other components
Products are mainly applied Yu Chaosheng cleaning、Ultrasonic welding、Ultrasonic polishing、Ultrasonic extraction、Ultrasonic cleaning teeth、Atomized humidifying、Beauty、Underwater detection、Nondestructive testing、LCD backlight power supply、Precision micro displacement platform、Medical ultrasound probe、Precision of ultrasonic motor, etc,Is to enter the international market、The upgrade of domestic high-tech products。

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