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    beplayOnline customer service_beplayApple downloads_beplay The download was established2008Years,Is subject to approval by the project baotou city development and reform commission,And in compliance with the approved by the national development and reform commission of Inner Mongolia of specializing in the productionbeplayPolishing powder and online customer servicebeplayOxide online customer service, private high-tech enterprises。
    The registered capital4550Ten thousand yuan,Company's existing total assets1.54One hundred million yuan,Cover an area of an area4.1Million square meters,The construction area2.3Million square meters,The existing staff100More than one。 The company has built yearbeplayOnline customer service oxide6000Tons of roasting production line and produce1500Tons ofbeplayOnline customer service polishing powder production line。

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  • Cerium oxide

    Cerium oxide

  • Lanthanum oxide

    Lanthanum oxide

  • Nanoscale cerium oxide

    Nanoscale cerium oxide

  • HXG8810Polishing powder

    HXG8810Polishing powder

  • HXH9518Polishing powder

    HXH9518Polishing powder

  • HXH9510Polishing powder

    HXH9510Polishing powder

  • Low chlorine root cerium carbonate

    Low chlorine root cerium carbonate

  • Cerium carbonate(Cl≤20ppm)

    Cerium carbonate(Cl≤20ppm)

  • Lanthanum carbonate

    Lanthanum carbonate

  • Lanthanum cerium carbonate

    Lanthanum cerium carbonate

  • Metal praseodymium neodymium

    Metal praseodymium neodymium

  • Metal neodymium

    Metal neodymium

  • Praseodymium metal

    Praseodymium metal

  • Metal lanthanum cerium

    Metal lanthanum cerium

  • Cerium nitrate

    Cerium nitrate

  • Cerium chloride

    Cerium chloride

  • Lanthanum chloride

    Lanthanum chloride

  • Cerium lanthanum chloride

    Cerium lanthanum chloride

  • Cerium hydroxide

    Cerium hydroxide

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  • beplayWhat are the purpose of the customer service online

    beplayWhat are the purpose of the customer service online


    beplayExactly what are the aspects of online customer service purposes?,Small make up next to introduce four kinds of different USES,Is metallurgy, respectively、The oil、The glass、Four new material metallurgy industrybeplayOnline customer service or metal fluorides、Silicide in steel,Can play a refining、The desulfurization、The role of harmful impurities and low melting point,And can improve the processing performance of steel;beplayOnline customer service ferrosilicon alloy、beplaySilicon magnesium as nodularizer production online customer servicebeplayOnline customer service nodular cast iron,Because this kind of ductile cast iron is particularly suited to production complex ductile iron parts have special requirements,Widely used in automobile、The tractor、Diesel engine machinery manufacturing, etc;beplayMagnesium metal is added to online customer service、Aluminum、Copper、Zinc、Of nickel and other non-ferrous alloy,Can improve the physical and chemical properties of alloy,And improve the alloy at room and high temperature mechanical properties。Petroleum chemical industrybeplayMolecular sieve catalyst made of online customer service,A...

  • Non-ferrous metalbeplayThe chemical analysis and application of online customer service elements

    Non-ferrous metalbeplayThe chemical analysis and application of online customer service elements


    The metalbeplayOnline customer service is known to all,All understand,Non-ferrous metalbeplayOnline customer service elements of chemical analysis and application of everyone you know?Small make up to share now!Hope small make up sharing can let everybody for non-ferrous metalbeplayOnline customer service elements have a simple understanding and cognitionbeplayOnline customer service through the chemical reaction can change the presence of impurities in non-ferrous metal condition often is metal impurity in non-ferrous metal or non-metal impurities,The metalbeplayOnline customer service elements can be reaction and the metal impurities,Such as liu and iron、Such as silicon to form different compounds,This can change inherent aluminum metal solid solution way,Results in the decrease of resistivity of it constantly。Again for instancebeplayOnline customer service elements and nonmetallic elements for chemical reaction to generate high melting point compounds,This leads to non-ferrous metal grain network structure has carried on the elaboration,Effectively stabilize the grain boundary,To form high melting...