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       The peak company(MFCI)Is a chemical enterprise based on product technology research and development,It happened3The home production base、1A sales company、1And a research and development center1American branch。Company to produce products90%More than exports to Europe、In North America、Australia、South America、In the Middle East and so on all over the world60Several countries。 
       The company has standardizedGMPWorkshop、Complete equipment product research and development and application of research and development center、Supporting the professional laboratory and perfectGMPManagement system,And in2014Year by the United StatesFDAThe certification,Company products praised by customers at home and abroad。

Product center PRODUCT CENTER

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    Personal care unit

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    Plastic rubber coating unit

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    The intermediate unit

Quality assurance

2006Years,Built inGMPThe standard clean workshop,The company fully implementGMPThe quality system,Production of diphenyl ketone-4And Mr Lin;

2007Years1Month, Huangshi meifeng chemical co., LTD[More and more]

This is a description information
This is a description information

Product research and development                     

MFCI In the research and development center2003Years was established,2Dr、6Name of master graduate student team over the years committed to new product research and development and application of the research、The new

Optimization of the process of development and the existing process and analysis method and[More and more]

Technical support TECHNOLOGY

Reaction type

■ The oxidation reaction

■ Sulfonation reaction

■ Condensation reaction[More and more]

News center  NEWS