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Shun fu xuan——Strong traffic cohesion Great appreciation potential

When the choose and buy homes,Real estate is popular with a word,That is it:“Location、Location、Location。”The so-called superior private projects,Must be in the ideal location,With convenient traffic extending in all directions,Can be easily across to the island。By the green building real estate development of private project“Shun fu xuan”(JadeScape),With strong traffic bridging,Connect up to four line,Including the subway loop line、The north-south line、Thomson-The east China sea coast, and across the island line,Make you more quickly into the school,Shopping centers and the workplace,Is one of the private project in Singapore is the most convenient transportation。

The world's second expensive——Singapore

The world's second expensive——Singapore

“Garden city”Singapore's new plan

In recent days,Singapore city construction bureau released2019The draft master plan for development,The draft for the first time as a public plan of underground space。

Local six sets of super penthouse for sale

It came in the year before the quilt cover book co-founder saverin(Eduardo Saverin)In order to6000Ten thousand yuan to buy,A local record of the most expensive apartment units。Ranking the second is jiafeng luxurious(Le Nouvel Ardmore),Throughout the year2015By alibaba co-founder Sun Tongyu to5100Ten thousand yuan to buy。

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Including signing a contract、The lawyer service、Valuations、Survey、A bank loan、In the whole process of the property transfer, such as one-stop service,Make your buying experience more smoothly

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  • Guoco era city's central business district of new energy Further implement flexible city of Singapore


    Guoco era city's central business district of new energy Further implement flexible city of Singapore

  • Singapore housing market policy


    Singapore housing market policy。Singapore to buy a house in the first-tier cities real estate prices in the near future,Multiple departments such as Singapore to buy a house and shenzhen started the research on the property market policy,Baseline survey“Down payment mortgage products”。From the core of leadership of the Singapore buying multiple department to attend the seminar,And restrictions are put forward,High-end real estate open to booking a credit tightening,The implementation of differentiated tax,The ordinary housing mortgage policy tightening of real estate deals。

  • Singapore property prices information


    Singapore property prices information。Rose nearly10%,In the first half of the local luxury market seems to have signs of recovery,Not only the price rebound10%,Sales are strong。According to cb Richard Ellis,The luxury market report yesterday,The price of high-grade apartment from the end of last year2700Yuan, the average 'price,In the first half of this year250Yuan,Or9.2%To2950Yuan。

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