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      Yuzhou city wu to realize agricultural ecology park co., LTD. Is located in the famous town of the zhongzhou yuzhou city hong chang town south grange village,Painting in the east SAN wu daoxuan home,China of jun porcelain shenhou town in the west,In the south road, god、The north yu fast-track god,The blue river、Xiaoqing river at this intersection,Formed on both sides of the mountain、Surrounded on three sides by water,Its unique natural environment。Hong Kong and Macao high-speed company is adjacent to Beijing、Beijing-guangzhou railway、Beijing port、Zheng Yao high speed、Such as high speed,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is superior。We are unique in the approval of henan province agriculture department of the province botanical garden as a food and medicine,China's Yang ling high popularizing agricultural science and technology demonstration area demonstration base,Covers an area of3250m,The total investment plan3.6One hundred million yuan,Has investment1.8One hundred million yuan to build the office services area3000Square meters,Korean pears -- served……
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