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     Anyang city bidding procurement services limited liability company is to comply with the founder ansei anyang city people's government[2000]17No.《Notice about implementing government procurement system》“To carry out the competition、Strengthen the service”In the spirit,According to the July 2001《Company law》The establishment of enterprise as a legal person,The specialty is engaged in the government procurement agency business,The registered capital100Ten thousand yuan。
    A、The company has a sound organizational structure,The company sets:
    1、Purchasing department:Responsible for research projects;The preparation of tender documents;The tender;Accept the bid documents submitted;To answer the tender documents;Procurement project tracking service for the work of the specific operation。
     2、Network information:Be responsible for“Anyang bidding procurement network”Site management and maintenance;Information release;To collect product information、The market price;Supplier to collect、The investigation。

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